The 17th (Leicestershire) Regiment of Foot is a Line Infantry Regiment that was formed in 10/11/2018 and doesn't have much of a rich history.

The Line Infantry Regiment is a very interesting regiment and is active when needed. It's not like any other Line Infantry fighting under the Kingdom of Great Britain the Regiment has a lot of benefits in it such as doing drills everyday and sometimes we do practice raids with the 26th and 42nd which are very exciting also are morale boosting the requirements to join are ranks are listening to orders and doing them efficiently and being active we exile inactive members most of the time if they don't start showing up in a long time frame such as a week or two.

Our size is 40 men strong and is mainly a bulk regiment the 17th is not to be tested when it comes to being in line's because of its powerful volleys that it can deliver.

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