Aang1221, also referred to as Papa Aang is a Brigadier General in The Kingdom of Great Britain.

Starting off as Commanding Officer of the 1st Regiment, Aang familiarized himself with High Class Ceremonial Drill and Discipline. Aang after 2 months was transferred to become the Commanding Officer of the 7th Regiment "Royal Fusiliers". There he raised Discipline and Recruited many members into the 7th and soon was recognized Aang as a proper candidate for the rank of Brigadier General.

As Brigadier he was to oversee the 55th (Westmorland) Regiment of Foot[1]. As time progressed many of the General Staff was forced into retirement and Aang was appointed Overseer of another regiments, The Hessian Regiment von Rall.

As of now Aang is Overseeing all regiments with the upmost respect and devotion.

  1. 55th Regiment of Foot
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